Leisure & Exhibitions

Leisure & Exhibitions

Developing solutions for leisure and exhibitions requires a deep knowledge of current culture – either by incorporating it or reacting against it. Programmes and budgets are critical as the opening night is usually the most important time in the often short lifespan of many of these projects.

This has certainly been the case in our exhibition work for Mazda (UK and Switzerland) which developed displays that stood out from the surrounding competitors. Rather than be bigger, louder and brasher, this has often taken the form of providing calm and relaxing spaces providing visitors with a place to breathe, enjoy the product on show, and interact with the people on the stand.

Our work for the RAC was part of a complete overhall of their image to take them into the new century. The look of the exhibitions, which travelled around the United Kingdom, was based on a reading of their television advertising, which was itself based on recent visual and graphic movements.

Our leisure projects, primarily restaurants, in contrast often develop current cultural fixations for example the organic restaurant on Camden High Street Barorganicdiner, completed in 1998, or the Hoxton Gymnasium which provides a training space for our increasing interest in fitness.

Our work for the RAC was shortlisted in 1996 for a D & AD award.